Great Start Collaborative Subcommittee Focus and Structure

PDF version of Subcommittees


•    Maintaining the GSC’s social media (including website, Facebook, Instagram, etc.).
•    Providing input on the GSC’s marketing and outreach (including brochures, flyers, outreach activities, etc.).
•    Providing input on ongoing GSC outreach events (Early Childhood Services Tour & Luncheon, Annual Meeting, etc.).
•    Focus of FY16 will be updating the GSC website, increasing social media reach/scope.
•    Committee meets monthly on the 2nd Monday of the month from 9-10:30. However, the December meeting has been moved to the 2nd Tuesday of the month due to some schedule conflicts for committee members.


•    Creating strategies to bridge the gap between early childhood and K-3 providers.
•    Collaborate with the Great Start Readiness Program and other preschool partners, to ensure that parents’ needs are being met through professional development and engagement opportunities.
•    Focus of FY16 is creating a definition of school readiness and soliciting input on this definition from parents, early childhood providers/administrators and K-3 providers/administrators.
•    Committee meets monthly on the 2nd Friday of the month from 1-2:30.


•    Collaborate with Saginaw County home visiting partners to ensure consistent messaging and non-duplication of efforts .
•    Leading Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) efforts focused on parent involvement and engagement and retainment of families participating in home visiting programs.
•    Focus of FY16 is creating a comprehensive, year-long professional development calendar for home visiting and early childhood staff/partners and continuing work on the home visiting continuum work. The home visiting continuum includes the focus areas of professional development, creative/shared outreach, shared curriculum and increased voice, choice and access for families.
•    Committee meets monthly on the 3rd Wednesday from 1:30 – 3:00 p.m.


•    This is a NEW committee that is intended to be a blend of the previous Parent
Leadership and Family Support subcommittee and the Parent Coalition.
•    This committee will focus on how school readiness materials are distributed to families, how parent voice is gathered regarding school involvement, as well as execute strategies to address identified parent/family need.
•    Focus of FY16 is creating stragy(ies) to gather parent input on school involvement, as well as a distribution plan for school readiness materials for families.
•    Committee will meet for the first time on Monday, November 23rd, immediately after the board meeting.  Future meetings will be determined at that meeting, but might continue to follow board meeting schedule.