What is the Great Start Collaborative

Who is the Great Start Collaborative

The Saginaw County Great Start Collaborative (GSC) is a unique mix of dedicated individuals working together to improve early childhood systems and services in Saginaw County. Board members include people like you: parents, community members, service providers, schools, faith-based groups, child care providers, health care organizations, philanthropic representatives and business leaders. These individuals work in several groups including; board members, community partners, the Parent Coalition, and several subcommittees. The Great Start Board and Subcommittees meet regularly to improve early childhood services.

All children will enter kindergarten safe, healthy and ready to succeed in school and in life.

Saginaw County will provide a system of early childhood services that is efficient and effective.

Strategic Plan

Members of Saginaw’s Great Start Collaborative understand that the early childhood years are crucial years in a child’s development. We know how important it is for each child to be safe, healthy and ready to succeed in school and in life. We also know that sometimes it takes the support of the entire community to make that happen. For more information read the complete Strategic Plan 2016-2018.


Saginaw County has a long history of effective early childhood collaborative efforts. The Birth-5 Saginaw County collaborative was established in 1999-2000. While heavily focused on parent education, Birth-5 laid the groundwork for concentrating on more comprehensive, holistic and in-depth analyzation of systems building at the local level.

Recognized for its history of successful collaboration, Saginaw County was selected in 2006 to serve as one of the first counties to implement the Great Start Initiative, leading the way to state-wide implementation. Since 2006, the Saginaw County Great Start Collaborative (GSC) has completed three comprehensive strategic plans to guide the work of the GSC Board, Parent Coalition and various subcommittees and ad hoc groups. The GSC is funded by the Office of Great Start and Saginaw Intermediate School District serves as the fiduciary for the GSC.