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Signs of quality
Supports the individual child
•  Saginaw Community Care Hub
•  Math in the Mail
•  Saginaw ISD Head Start/Early Head Start
•  Regional Preschool Partnership - Interest Form

All licensed childcare programs participating in Great Start to Quality
•  Great Start to Quality
•  Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs

Encourages and supports all types of family involvement
•  Imagination Library
•  Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning
•  Parent Engagement Toolkit 
•  Great Lakes Bay Moms

Ongoing professional development available to teachers and providers to ensure highly qualified staff
•  Great Start to Quality
•  National Education Association
•  National Association for the Education of Young Children

Meeting the mental health needs of teachers and providers by coaching, mentoring and reflective supervision
•  Great Start to Quality
•  Saginaw County Community Mental Health

Value parent and community input
•  Involvement Matters: What to Tell Parents
•  The Top 10 Reasons to Join Your Child’s PTO
•  Saginaw County Great Start Parent Coalition

Committed collaboration between early childhood and K-12 with a clear mission and vision, understood and followed by all
•  Saginaw County Great Start Collaborative 
•  Top 10 in 10 Year – Michigan Department of Education Strategic Plan

Maintain class sizes per recommended standards
Quote from Benjamin Franklin
•  National Education Association
•  How Important is Class Size?

Participation in the Great Start Collaborative
•  Great Start Collaborative Get Involved
•  Get involved with the Great Start Parent Coalition

Facilitate transitions between new programs for children and families
Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning
Transitions to Kindergarten 
Saginaw ISD Transition Center Saginaw ISD Transition Center




Quality Programs & Schools