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 Great Start Collaborative Can Help

Members of Saginaw’s Great Start Collaborative understand that the early childhood years are crucial years in a child’s development. We know how important it is for each child to be safe, healthy and ready to succeed in school and in life. We also know that sometimes it takes the support of the entire community to make that happen.

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Family Resources

Learn more about programs and services offered
by Great Start Collaborative partners and find
additional information about
preschool scholarships.


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Get Information

Learn more about the exciting work taking place
within the Great Start Collaborative and
Parent Coalition.

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Get Involved

Learn about opportunities to get involved in the
Great Start Collaborative or Parent Coalition,
and find out about current
business partnerships.

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Family Stories

Connie and Damarcus Sr.'s  Story

"Growing up can be tough."

When you are young and start taking care of adult responsibilities you may have the feeling you don't know where to start.  My name is Connie and my name is Damarcus Sr.  We started off as young teen parents.  There are many resources such as Teen Parenting Services, and Birth-5.  We, as a family, learned so much from Teen Parenting Services.  They taught us how to raise our child Damarcus Jr.  We learned the importance of doctors appointments, schooling, and behavior, but most importantly to love and cherish.

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